Welcome to the Baby Trump Tour!

A Project of the People’s Motorcade, Inc.

The campaign to bring the Baby Trump balloon to the US was started
by grassroots activists in New Jersey. We were inspired by the creativity of the Trump Babysitters in the United Kingdom and the Trump Baby balloon that flew over London in 2018. It was such an impactful visual image of the tweeting child in the White House we knew it had to cross the pond and come to the US.

A GoFundMe campaign was started with the hope that we could purchase our own Baby Trump and fly it here in the US. Boy were we blown away! Donations poured in from across the country, exceeding our initial goal of $4,500 to total nearly $24,000 after just 72 hours. Not wanting to overextend ourselves, we deactivated the campaign and began putting the Tour together. With the extra funds we were able to purchase a total of six balloons, increasing the number of locations that Baby Trump could visit. Our plan is to run the Baby Trump Tour until the big baby himself is out of office.

To promote the Tour, we created the Baby Trump Adoption Service.
If you are interested in adopting Baby Trump either for a short visit or an extended stay, please Contact us to start the process. Our Babies are lonely and in need of good parents that will show them off.